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Air conditioner front panel metal stamping punching die

Air conditioner front panel metal stamping punching die
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Metal stamping die
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1 piece
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  • Metal stamping die for all metals, home appliances, industrial

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  • Min Order1 piece


- Over 20 years rich experience
- Focused in home appliance metal parts stamping die
- Located in metal town-Jiangyin city


Our Metal Stamping factory got 20 yearsmanufacturing experience, services can be created and designed in stainlesssteel, aluminum, brass, copper, sheet and steel stamped metals.

We provide the Highest Quality Custom MetalStampings from prototype to production manufacturing and assembly to yourexclusive specifications.

Metal Stamping Custom secondary servicesinclude assembly, welding, plating, painting, prototyping, and tooling for mostindustries.

Quality, control and cost is all importantwhy our capabilities and in house assurance results in your metal stampingcustom part or tool and die design is delivered on time.

Complete sets metal stamping die for air conditioner outdoor unit 12000BTU, 18000BTU, 24000BTU
Part list including:- Base,  bracket support, gas valve bracket, real right panel, separator wall, front panel, top panel, rear left angolar, fan fixing bracket, power capacitor fastening, fan bracket, electronic component support plate, internal unit wall fixing plaet, internal unit wall fixing plate apn, condenser vertial profile,

Air conditioner outdoor unit front panel stamping die specs:

Metal partAir conditionerProduct sizeProcess No.Process nameMould Size (mm)Punching machine
Front panel12000860X534X0.7 drawing steel materialOP10C or ner cutting &  Punching1180700300200T punch
OP20Integral shaping1200750325315T Press with lower ejecting cylinder 
OP30Circle flanging &  Punching750630280160T punch
OP40Bent shaping1120550325160T punch