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Refrigerator/refrigeration copper suction tube, assembled with capillary tube & dryer

Refrigerator/refrigeration copper suction tube, assembled with capillary tube & dryer
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US $5.001,000 - 5,000 piece

group name
Heater exchanger tube
Min Order
1000 piece
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Ningbo, Shanghai
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T/T, L/C, D/P D/A
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Export through agents & Have the independent export and import right
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Sat, 12 Aug 2017 17:13:55 GMT


  • Used for refrigerators, fridges,freezers etc.

  • Material Copper, aluminum, capillary tube

  • Fabrication by customer request

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1000 piece


Flexible development and fabrication as per customer request
High quality
Fast delivery


In the refrigeration cycle, for higher efficiency, the liquidrefrigerant condensed in the condenser and flowing in the capillary tubetowards the evaporator should be cooled and pressure reduced; while the vaporrefrigerant sucked by the compressor from the evaporator through the suctiontube should be heated up from saturated to superheated condition. Hence, thetwo tubes are brought together to achieve both of these objectives. This twintube system is called the "heat exchanger" or "suction tubeassembly" of the refrigeration cycle.

To help the heat exchange, the two tubes can be soldered together as in thetube-on-tube copper heat exchangers, or the capillary tube can be passedthrough the suction tube as in the Al-Cu mono-tube heat exchangers.

We manufacture large quantities of both types as well as special ones forfreezers like combi, frost-free, or home air conditioner.

Copper, capillary, and (partially) aluminum tubes are cut to lengths andbrought together by using special machines.

Aluminium-copper connections of the mono-tube suction tubes may be made by different methods like, Zn-Al alloy brazing, ultrasonic soldering, or resistance butt welding.

Our quality controlling:

  • All heat exchangers aretested against leakage by special instruments.
  • All capillary tubes ofevery heat exchanger are tested by flow meters.
  • All heat exchangers meetthe internal cleanliness criteria defined by R134a, R600a.
  • All open ends are cappedwith plastic caps; packed with strong carton box on wooden pallet or woodenboxes for long distance sea voyages.


Coppertube, aluminum tube, capillary tube
There is bundy tube black cathode painting to instead of copper tube oraluminum tube to save costs.